Mentawai Surf Charters provides excellency in surf charter services with top notch vessel, super friendly crew, experienced surfguides on board and professional photographers/videomakers.

We are a company built by surfers for surfers. We are stoked to get you stoked!

Come live a unique surfing experience and let us take you to the right place at the right time!


Built to provide the highest standards in comfort and safety on a surf charter, our boat STAR KOAT II will surprise you with all its features and cruising speed.

Our Distinguished Services

The best experience

We are a owner-operated company, which means that we have all the bumps smoothed out. Spending most of our time on board, we know the importance of going to places safely, eating well, finding the best waves and keeping the cold beer flowing.

Friendly and helpful staff

Our local crew members know the importance of generating the best experience to our guests through a friendly sparing no efforts teamwork. Let them do the hard work so you can focus solely on the surf and chilling out!

Experienced Surfguides

Our team of surf guides are experienced surfers with great local knowledge keen to navigate that extra mile after the best surf conditions. They are always ready to coordinate the whole logistic to guarantee the success of the trip.

Surfers attended

What our clients are saying about us

The best experience I had in my whole life of surfing !! The boats are sick, the crew is super polite and ready to help you even when you don´t asked for … the accommodation are very clean and the beds are good. The food was spectacular (if you realize that you are in a boat) and it is as good as a lot of nice restaurants I have in my home town.
Luiz Eduardo Nardelli, June/2017

We cannot thank you enough mate, you are now part of our family forever! You made us feel very welcome and safe, you got us to the best waves, with great advice as well. Your crew is amazing and we want to lock in for a trip next now! Once again, a very heartfelt thanks! Thanks and please stay in touch! The Parkos

Dean, Jye and Jesse Parkinson, April/2013
The ultimate surf trip! Great staff, the captin can set the mood to suit. Delicious food, a combination of paradise, nature, perfect waves, no crowd, I would recomend this to anyone who wants to have an incredible experience. Thanks again, memories of perfection will remain forever.
Dennis Russell Freeman, June/2017

This was the best trip ever, the crew have been very welcoming to me. I got to surf amazing waves with all my friends. The beds and rooms are amazing and very comfortable. Can’t wait to come back!

Sonny Perrussel, APR/2013

Thanks so much everybody for giving the best experience. This was one of the best trips I have ever done. Thanks heaps Bruno & Marcio for filming & taking photos of all us groms. Thanks heaps also Kadu & all the crew this was the best trip ever!!!

Dakoda Walters, MAR/2015

We’re stoked to get you stoked!

Come live a unique surfing experience with us