Back to back swells marked this month of many waves scored! Although the strong South wind prevailed, our experienced surf guides dodged it nicely and made sure everyone onboard got the best surf of their lives.

Video by @paulomendes_images

The month of August, as well as the previous June and July, was marked by the big amount of swells that hit the Indonesian coast. The machine just wouldn’t turn off!

From the beginning to the end of August we had back to back swells with the prevailing strong south wind which makes it difficult to move between the islands depending on the logistics and destination of the boats after a better surfing condition.

That’s when a good surf guide onboard makes all the difference. Our experienced guides made sure everyone enjoyed incredible waves and the satisfaction was on the surfers’ faces after each surf session.

Mentawai Surf Charters operate two boats between the isolated area of North Sumatra, with the boat Star Koat 2, and at the unique archipelago of Mentawai, with the boat Moon Palikir.

Check out the video from August trips and hope you enjoy the moments we have selected.

September begins with the arrival of a new swell and another approaching in a few days already within range of our radar.