Just a little of what we scored in the Banyaks during July… Book your spot on this unforgettable surfing experience!

Video by @beobeid

July as always was marked by the amount and intensity of swells.

In the Mentawai´s it was a great time to visit the islands from the far south to the north of the archipelago.

Due to the intensity of the South Winds that prevailed throughout the month, the left handers were benefited and worked all month long.

Waves like: Kandui, eBay, Telescopes pumped and basically without a crowd due to the amount of swells followed.

Up to the north the Banyaks Islands, with less wind influence, we had sessions absolutely glass and solid waves with almost no crowd factor.

August starts with promising new solid swell on the radar!

Mentawai July 2019

Banyaks July 2019