June, from Telos to North Sumatra and Banyaks

Moon Palikir and Star Koat sharing the lineup in Telos, and much more… June was 100% score!

Video by @beobeid

We began the month sailing from Telos heading north to end the trip in the Banyaks, after passing by Nias and Hinako.

There wasn’t a single day where we didn’t score great quality waves. From fun to hollow powerful waves until long barreling rights of Treasure island – Banyaks, the 3 trips we did aboard Star Koat2 were score after score.

Moon Palikir also did score in Mentawai waves like Greenbush for 3 days , the Hole in the good solid South swell we had and all the world class spots were on !

We had swells coming from S/SW and light winds most of the month, with one occasion of bad weather and rain that lasted 4 days but didn’t interfere with the waves quality we got.

Locking up the end of June with a huge smile in our faces and feeling of mission accomplished. Bring it on July!!