Offseason in the Mentawais can never be boring!

On board our new vessel, STAR KOAT II, the February trips were pure juice! Empty lineups, clean glassy conditions and fun sized waves with occasional swells to give an extra adrenalin. Score score score!

Video by @surf_capture

The forecast didn’t show any expressive swells for the first half of February. Even though, most breaks had waist to shoulder/head high sets and we had occasional small pumps strong enough to allow us good surf sessions everyday.

In the smaller days, we sail exploring the beach breaks along the coast of Sipora and scored lonely waves and empty barrels.

On the second half of February two mid-sized swells brought the amount of energy we needed to make HTs turn on it’s engines with 5plus foot waves rolling above the famous “cirurgian table” reef.

At Macarronis we also scored nice ones with few people around to share the lineup, unlike the crowds we usually see during high season…

Weather has been pretty clean in the Mentawais, mostly with light offshore wind in the morning and almost no rain. Being on a boat allows us to move according to the wind changes and always aim for the best spot.

We are anxious for the year’s first bomb swell, but while it doesn’t arrive we keep having fun with all the rippable waves around.