Telo Islands

Surf unexplored waves in a amazing scenario

The Telo Islands offers a wide variety of waves of all types in a still little to unexplored location situated right on the equator, between Nias and the Mentawais.

Not many resorts around and only a handful of boats that occasionally sail around this area, it is guarantee to make a solo surf session only with your mates on board with breathtaking scenarios and crystal clear water.

There are many waves to choose around the archipelago, from hollow barrels with edgy drops for chargers to super fun easy waves for less experienced surfers.

Consistent waves all year long

Consistent waves
all year long

Some of the surf available around here…

Lances Left



Swell magnetic wave, breaks at any small pump and is a great option when all other places are under stormy conditions.

Lances Left



After an edgy drop the wave opens up and runs for many meters above a perfect reef bottom, allowing multiple turns. A wave that makes up the mind of any surfer!

Lances Left



Also known as Coronas, this right hand barrel breaks with perfection over a soft reef. It can be playful and fun when small, but in the bigger days get ready for and edgy hollow drop!

Lances Left



A sharp hollow left for the chargers who like to go deep. Only accessible by boat which means highest chances the only ones to share this wave with are your mates on-board, if they have the guts!

More than just surfing…

Fishing, snorkeling, stand up paddle… it’s all up to you!

Although surfing is the main activity, there are many other things to do during a trip. The islands have plenty tasteful fish swimming around and some exciting catches always happens during the trip.

The archipelago is one of the most stunning locations on earth, most of the islands have beautiful white sand beaches and coconut trees surrounded by crystal clear waters, live coral reefs and a large variety of marine life, offering that perfect set-up for a snorkeling, stand up paddle around the island or just explore the beaches between surf sessions.

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